Jump Up, Jump Up And Get Down!

For the past few days I’ve been working on my foot work. Basic things like jumping and shifting my weight from foot to foot, and just keeping my feet moving at all times while skating. More specifically, Juking 101, doing basic jumps, backwards skating, and perfecting my knee falls. Even on the days that I don’t skate, I do a little conditioning to work on my leg strength. I do squats and leg lifts, or core exercises. I can now do wall squats for 30 seconds comfortably. This is saying a lot because when I first started, doing wall squats for over 10 seconds made me want to cry. Right now, holding a wall squat for 5 minutes straight is my new idea of hell.


I’m going to post some videos that have helped me with the things I’m working on right now. They are informative, so I figure I’ll share ‘em.

Juking 101 - Lessons With San Diego Derby Dolls (by sandiegoderbydolls)

Roller Derby - Knee Falls (by MsDerbydiva)

How to Roller Skate - Moving Backwards (by DazzarayMusic)

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